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While rolling hills add elegance to the landscape, they can be difficult and even dangerous to mow using a traditional mower. Our slope mowing service is perfect for farmers, landowners, and property managers looking for a safe and convenient way to mow a sloping lawn. We use industrial mowers that can operate safely on slopes up to 60° to help you clear steep, hard-to-reach areas.

Slope Mowing: About Us

A Professional Slope Mowing Service Gets the Job Done Faster

Our highly-trained team operates our remote-controlled industrial mowers from a safe distance, ensuring they are working efficiently and trimming the grass according to your needs. These mowers work up to 25 times faster than manual cutting and can navigate tough terrain and dense vegetation up to 150mm thick. Using these mowers saves you time and energy and reduces the cost of paying a large landscaping staff to do the work manually.

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Applications for Our Slope Mowers

Slope mowers are designed to tackle tough terrain and work well in a variety of settings where using a regular brush cutter would be unsafe or impossible. Their low centre of gravity and careful weight distribution design enables them to cut grass at steep angles without toppling over or losing power. Our mowers are best for maintaining the following areas:

  • Grass around ponds and water features

  • Grass embankments

  • Extreme steep slope mowing - hillsides and gulleys

  • Clearing and mulching heavy brush

  • Road, rail, and raised path edges

  • Pastures and farmland

  • Sports grounds and golf courses

  • Retaining walls, natural dams, and riverbanks

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Get Professional Slope Mowing in Canterbury

Evergreen Slope Mowing & Mulching is a trusted landscaping team committed to providing excellent customer service and professional standards for rural and commercial grass-cutting applications. We use high-quality equipment and keep strict safety standards so you can relax while we get your land looking tidy.

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